About this blog…

I started writing this blog in the summer of 2016 for a number of reasons.

Firstly, some friends suggested that I do it because (oddly) they like the way I think and my ability to capture and reconcile information from various sources.

Secondly, I needed a place to vent about subjects which either concern me or those that just interest me.

Facebook was no longer cutting it: I was recycling things numerous times and I was using it more and more for political outpourings which is a terrific way of losing friends who either didn’t care or sat on the opposite side of an argument.

I have several areas of interest that will crop up here:-

  • Technology – it’s how I make my living, so I think I have something to say about it. It may not always be
  • Science – I’m just a bit of a dilettante geek who has an interest in how science affects society; if you’re looking for an explanation of quantum physics, go somewhere else. If I’m lucky, I can understand the average BBC4 documentary if I watch it three or four times.
  • Politics –

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